Archer Wealth Management


No Longer Authorised


Appointment Of Liquidators


Archer Wealth Management was authorised to provide financial services from 2010, until their authorisation was revoked by the Financial Conduct Authority in 2013. Archer Wealth Management traded from Manchester Old Road in Middleton, with the directors: Andrew Joseph Dibley, Myles Andrew Edwards, and William George Read. Both Mr Dibley and Mr Edwards are also directors of other limited companies.

Archer Wealth Management advised clients to invest their retirement savings into storage pods and overseas property among others, via Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPS). As noted in the press, investing in storage pods often leads to dire consequences. The controversy concerning SIPP investments in overseas property has also been widely noted, companies such as Harlequin and The Resort Group have been extensively covered by the press, amid speculations that the investments and their accompanying schemes are fraudulent.

Archer Wealth Management had their authorisation to provide financial services revoked by the Financial Conduct Authority in 2013, and was declared in default by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in August 2016, inviting claims to be made against Archer Wealth Management.


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