Financial Page (Andrew Page)


No Longer Authorised


FCA asks Financial Page to cease pension transfers


Financial Page Ltd began trading as an authorised and regulated company in July 2014. Its sole director was Mr Andrew Page and traded from Artillery Business Park in Oswestry, Shropshire.

Due to concerns about business practices at Financial Page Ltd, the Financial Conduct Authority censured and restricted their permissions, stating that Financial Page Ltd must not:

“…carry on any activities in relation to pension switches and/or pension transfers to any self-invested personal pension scheme, (including completing any business currently being processed which has not been completed), to facilitate investments into non-standard assets, (including the AIGO fund and Hennessey Jones Bonds)…”

The concerns expressed regarding Financial Page Ltd largely centred on the prolific use of unregulated introducers, and the unsuitably of the advice provided. Often, unregulated introducers are contracted to market dubious pension schemes to members of the public, promising ambitious returns on the investments promoted, and attempting to evade legal obligations that are afforded to regulated financial services companies. Upon acquisition of their clients, unregulated introducers will then introduce the clients to a regulated financial services firm to “sign-off” on the advice received. Financial Page Ltd often advised clients to invest their pension savings into risky and/or unregulated schemes – despite those schemes being completely unsuitable for the majority of clients.

The result is that a lot of Financial Page Ltd clients likely have their pension monies placed in high-risk investments, with a high probability of losses being incurred.


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